Flywheel was formed in 2014 with the goal of positively impacting communities in the Washington, DC region by creating resilient, equitable, and healthy buildings. Since our founding, our vision has expanded to include partnering with communities to build green infrastructure — solar and stormwater. The company’s principals have diverse backgrounds in real estate development, renewable energy infrastructure, city planning, and public policy.

Our visionary, responsive projects are informed by partnerships with neighborhood groups. Because communities are what happen between the buildings, we believe the final product should be informed by the neighborhood and its residents.

As we’ve gotten started, our work has focused on smaller, more challenging sites, which has reinforced our belief that well-designed projects have the ability to knit together urban neighborhoods and create vital spaces for surrounding communities.

Much of our current real estate work, including the CycleHouse and Stack Eight projects, is focused on the creation of affordable housing. These projects will be models for change for both affordable and market-rate development, promoting health and equity alongside the environmental responsibility that is achieved with net zero energy construction.